The BC Mathematics and Physics Colloquium

Faculty of Science Division at BCC hold a regular Thursday Mathematics and Physics Colloquium at 2:30 PM. Click on the links below to access current or previous schedules.

I would like to extend an invitation to those who have not attended before, across the campus community. If you have any topic about which you would like to speak having any (possibly tenuous) connection to Math or Physics (and what scientific topic doesn't?) please contact me and we'll work you into the schedule. And anyone who simply wants to come and enjoy the cookies and talks, please do come. Students are, of course, particularly welcome.

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Note from Larry Susanka after the first talk, January 30, 2003:

Hi Math and Physics Enthusiasts!

I would say, and I hope you all concur, that the inaugural meeting of the Math and Physics Colloquium was a success. Several people reminded me that this should be regarded as the REBORN Math and Physics Colloquium, as they were held regularly back in the day when Hoffman Had Hair.

By rough count there were 15 or so folks present and no one threw tomatoes nor did any cell phones ring. Also we talked math, and I hope you enjoyed that too.

Our teaching, our "meetings in the hall" and these math and physics talks - all these things are part of our particular culture, which we have chosen, and which lives and grows through us. Let us honor and celebrate our wonderful piece of the human endeavor, weekly.

        Larry Susanka

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