Incomprehensible Remarks From Dauna

You really want to know what I thought of "Testosterone Day" - a day reeling with the scent of the molecule responsible for bringing the world to the brink of folly countless times, co-mingled with that of the scent of enclosed gymnasiums where infinite situps, pushups, bench presses and lat pulls promise six-packs and bulging biceps to attract a few of those X-chromosomes to add a little clarity and meaning to otherwise dismal lives???

You asked for it!

First of all why would two creatures go to so much work just to engage in a little #### swinging? Do two egos really need such a boost? Or did they just need a goal to cover up the real reasons behind the obsession of all those hours of working out, running, and sweating?

Does the "Old Dog" just not want to face the changes that come with getting older and the "Young Dog" not want to admit he doesn't know what else to do with his time?

I don't suppose the "why's" really matter.

It was a Great Day - one of the few really gorgeous ones we get in this area. Friends had a silly excuse to gather for a change of pace, the exchanging of insults and the providing of fodder for the continuing banter between the X and Y chromosomes that will surely continue among the participants and spectators.

Next year I'm entering Marie, the "Kitten" who will beat the pants of both the "Old Dog" and the "Young Dog"!!!

See ya then,


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