Welcome to the Mount Si Race2002 Page - the Fourth Annual Race up one of the the gorgeous Cascade foothills - known originally as "The Annual Beating of the Boy."

The "Boy" is not really a boy anymore. And with the addition of more runners it seems appropriate to reach out the hand of inclusiveness, expand the theme, and pre-announce the defeat of all other contestants with no small minded restriction as to age, gender or maturity level. It is, quite simply, the right thing to do.

In this spirit, the theme for the year is:

The Humiliation of the Herd

Some people visited the site and voted for one of the runners or commented on the proceedings. The final vote count was 1 vote for Ashley and 24 votes for Larry and 1 vote for "potential unseeded mystery candidates."

Hmmmmm......The results are in.

Ashley WON ith a time of 1:50:56.

Klim, an unseeded mystery candidate came in second with a time of 1:52:42.

Larry came in third in 1:54:52.

Puzzling. The universe is tilted on its ear. Details will be posted soon.

For those interested in going back to the overview page or to check out the results from previous years, try:

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