Welcome to the Mount Si Race2003 Page - the Fifth Annual Race up one of the the gorgeous Cascade foothills - known originally as "The Annual Beating of the Boy" and last year, mistakenly, as "The Humiliation of the Herd." Harrumph.

In the face of last year's stunning upset of the race favorite, the author of this web page decided a lower profile was in order. The theme for this year is:

Survival of the Old Guy

Ashley and Klim, last year's surprise victors, were conspicuous by their absence this year. They had intended to run, but plane SNAFUS put the KIBOSH on that. We look forward to seeing them next year. There were also four other "unknown" runners who communicated with me about running but, in the end, did not appear.

There was a female runner who was there with family as we got organized this year and expressed interest in running next year- let's hope she shows up to break the gender monotony in this race!

The weather this year ... sucked. It rained the whole way and the summit gulley had water running in the cracks- slow and nearly dangerous. The temperature was in the fifties and there was no wind to speak of so that was OK, but given my level of conditioning and the miserable weather I am simply happy to have survived. There was no picnic this year after the race.

Larry WON with a time of 2:09:25.

Taylor came in SECOND with a time of 2:29:10.

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