Welcome to the Mount Si Race2K Page - the Second Annual Race up one of the the gorgeous Cascade foothills - known to some as "The Running of the Bull(s)." This year the race took place on Friday, September 15th.

For those among you who are interested in the "popular vote," 20 votes were cast by persons who thought Larry would win, while 4 votes went for Taylor. The majority turned out to be correct this year.

Race results:

  • Larry - 1:56:48
  • Taylor - 2:17

    Click here for pictures related to this event!

    More pictures, comments from spectators and participants and race analysis will be posted shortly after they figure out what-the-heck to say about this bizarre spectacle and as pictures are passed around.

    Race Commentary From The Victory Stand

    Race Commentary From Taylor

    For those interested in going back to the overview page or to check out 1999 or next year's page, try:

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