We will discuss three types of lists. View source to see how it was done.

The first is an example of a definition list. It is called that because it is the type of list you would choose if you wanted to list a bunch of words each associated with its own definition. It is the most flexible kind of list, allowing the most control over the way the list shows up on a browser.

Word 1
Definition 1
Word 2
Definition 2
Word 3
Definition 3

Here is a more complicated definition list. In this list the small gif and the aligned text are links back to "Experiments."

Go to "Techniques"
Text or links or "sub-lists" can go here.

Go to "Techniques"
More text or links or "sub-lists" can go here.

Go to "Techniques"
More text or links or "sub-lists" can go here.

The following two lists are lists of the "unordered" type. Sublists are possible.

Finally here is an example of an ordered (numbered) list.
  1. Here is the first item in the sublist.
  2. These lists can contain sublists.
  3. Here is another item.
  4. Here is the last item.

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