Larry Susanka's Scientific Library

1397 Volumes

Author Title Printing Date Publisher
Abelson, Harold and Sussman, Gerald and Sussman, Julie Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs 1996 MIT Press
Ablamovicz, Rafal and Sobczyk, Garret Lectures on Clifford Algebras 2004 Birkhauser
Abraham, R. and Marsden, J. E. and Ratiu, T. Manifolds, Tensor Analysis, and Applications 2nd Edition 1988 Springer
Abraham, Ralph and Marsden, Jerrold Foundations of Mechanics 1995 Addison-Wesley
Abramowitz, Milton and Stegun, Irene Handbook of Mathematical Functions 1964 US Dept. of Commerce
Abrikosov A. A. and Gorkov, L. P. and Dzyaloshinski, I. E. Methods of Quantum Field Theory in Statistical Physics 1975 Dover
Acton, Forman Numerical Methods that Work 1990 (revised) MAA

Real Computing Made Real 2005 Dover
Aczel, J. Lectures on Functional Equations and Their Applications 2006 Dover
Aczel, Peter Non-Well-Founded Set Theory 1988 CSLI Publications
Adamek, J. and Herrlich, H. and Strecker, G. Abstract and Concrete Catagories 2004 Dover
Adams, J. F. Infinite Loop Spaces
Princeton University Press
Adams, Malcolm and Guillemin, Victor Measure Theory and Probability 1996 Birkhauser
Afnan, Soheil Avicenna His Life and Works 2013 Cosmo Publications
Ahlfors, Lars V. Complex Analysis
Aho, A. V. and Sethi, Ravi and Ullman, J. D. Compilers Principles, Techniques and Tools 1988 Addison-Wesley
Akhiezer, N. I. The Calculus of Variations 1962 Blaisdell
Akhiezer, N. I. and Glazman, I. M. Theory of Linear Operators in Hilbert Space, Volumes I and II
Akivis, M. A. and Goldberg, V. V. An Introduction to Linear Algebra & Tensors 1977 Dover
Albert, David Z. Quantum Mechanics and Experience 1994 Harvard University Press
Albevario, S. and Fenstad, J. and Hoegh-Krohn, R. and Lindstrom, T. Nonstandard Methods in Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Physics 1986 Dover
Almgren, Frederick J. Jr. Plateau s Problem An Invitation to Varifold Geometry 2001 American Mathematical Society
Altman, Simon L. Rotations, Quaternions, and Double Groups 2005 Dover
Ames, James and Murnaghan, Francis Theoretical Mechanics
Amrein, W. and Jauch, J. and Sinha, K. Scattering Theory in Quantum Mechanics 1997 W. A. Benjamin, Inc.
Anderson, James Hyperbolic Geometry Second Edition 2007 Springer
Apostol, Tom M. Mathematical Analysis 1960 Addison-Wesley
Arbib, M. and Manes, E. Arrows, Structures, and Functors 1975 Academic Press
Archimedes and Heath, T. The Works of Archimedes 2002 Dover
Aristotle Physics 2017 Dover

The Nichomachean Ethics 2009 Oxford
Aristotle and McKeon, Richard and Reeve, C. D. C. The Basic Works of Aristotle 2001 The Modern Library
Arnold, Ludwig Stochastic Differential Equations: Theory and Applications
John Wiley
Arnold, V. I. Geometrical Methods in the Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations Second Edition 1988 Springer

Lectures on Partial Differential Equations 2004 Springer-Verlag and Phasis

Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics Second Edition 1989 Springer-Verlag

Ordinary Differential Equations (Cooke Translation) 3rd Edition 2006 Springer

Ordinary Differential Equations (Translated by Silverman, 1980 Printing) 1980 MIT Press
Arnold, V. I. and Atiyah, M. and Lax, P. and Mazur, B. (Editors) Mathematics: Frontiers and Perspectives 2000 American Mathematical Society
Arnold, V. I. and Kozlov, V. V. and Neishtadt, A. I. Mathematical Aspects of Classical and Celestial Mechanics Third Edition 2006 Springer
Arons, Arnold Teaching Introductory Physics 1997 Wiley
Artin, E. Galois Theory 1998 Dover

Geometric Algebra 1961 Interscience Publishers
Artin, E. and Rosen, M. Exposition by Emil Artin: A Selection 2007 AMS
Artin, Michael Algebra 2nd Edition 2015 Pearson
Arveson, William A Short Course in Spectral Theory 2002 Springer

An Invitation to C*-Algebra 1976 Springer-Verlag
Ash, J. M. (Editor) Studies in Harmonic Analysis 1976 Mathematical Association of America
Ash, Robert Basic Probability Theory 2008 Dover

Information Theory 1965 Dover
Assefi, Touraj Stochastic Processes and Estimation Theory with Applications 1979 Wiley
Athreya, K. B. and Ney, P. E. Branching Processes 2004 Dover
Atiyah, M. F. K-Theory 1989 Perseus
Atiyah, M. F. and MacDonald, I. G. Introduction to Commutative Algebra 1969 Addison-Wesley
Atkins, P. W. Molecular Quantum Mechanics Part I and Part II
Oxford University Press

Molecular Quantum Mechanics Part III
Oxford University Press
Atkinson, W. I. Nanocosm 2003 AMACOM
Aubrun, Guillaume and Szarek, Stanislaw Alice and Bob Meet Banach The Interface of Asymptotic Analysis and Quantum Information Theory 2017 AMS
Augustine of Hippo and Clark, Mary T. and Madec, Goulven Augustine of Hippo Selected Writings 1984 Paulist Press
Augustine of Hippo and Ryan, John K. The Confessions of Saint Augustine 2014 Doubleday
Avrett, Eugene, (Editor) Frontiers of Astrophysics
Harvard University Press
Axler, S. Linear Algebra Done Right 1997 Springer
Bachman, D. A Geometric Approach to Differential Forms 2006 Birkhauser
Bachman, George and Narici, Lawrence Functional Analysis 2000 Dover
Bacon, Francis Novum Organum 2019 Anodos Books
Bacon, Francis and Vickers, Brian Francis Bacon The Major Works 2008 Oxford
Baer, Reinhold Linear Algebra and Projective Geometry 2005 Dover
Baez, John and Muniain, Javier Gauge Fields, Knots and Gravity 2013 World Scientific
Bahcall, John and Ostriker, Jeremiah, (Editors) Unsolved Problems in Astrophysics
Princeton University Press
Baker, Andrew Matrix Groups An Introduction to Lie Theory 2002 Springer
Balaguer, Mark Platonism and Anti-Platonism in Mathematics 1998 Oxford University Press
Banach, S. Theory of Linear Operations 2009 Dover
Barker-Plummer, D. and Barwise, J. and Etchemendy, J. Tarski s World 2008 CSLI Publications
Bartle, R. G. A Modern Theory of Integration 2001 AMS

Solutions Manual to A Modern Theory of Integration 2001 AMS

The Elements of Integration 1966 John Wiley
Bartlett, James H. Classical and Modern Mechanics 1975 University of Alabama Press
Barut, A. O. Electrodynamics and Classical Theory of Fields and Particles
Barwise, Jon (Editor) Handbook of Mathematical Logic 2006 North-Holland
Bass, Richard Probabilistic Techniques in Analysis 1995 Springer-Verlag

Real Analysis for Graduate Students Second Edition 2013 Richard F. Bass
Beckenstein, Edward and Narici, Lawrence and Suffel, Charles Topological Algebras 1977 North-Holland
Becker, Richard Electromagnetic Fields and Interactions 1982 Dover
Bell, Denis The Malliavan Calculus 2006 Dover
Bell, J. L. Toposes and Local Set Theories 2008 Dover
Bell, J. L. and Slomson, A. B. Models and Ultraproducts

Bell, J. S. John S. Bell On The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics 2008 World Scientific

Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics 2nd Ed. 2013 Cambridge University Press
Bellman, Richard Modern Elementary Differential Equations 1968 Addison-Wesley
Beltrami, E. J. and Wohlers, M. R. Distributions and Boundary Values of Analytic Functions 1966 Academic Press
Benacerraf, Paul and Putnam, Hilary Philosophy of Mathematics 1998 Cambridge University Press
Bender, Edward A. An Introduction to Mathematical Modeling 2000 Dover
Berberian, Sterling Lectures in Functional Analysis and Operator Theory 1974 Springer-Verlag

Notes on Spectral Theory 1966 D. Van Nostrand
Berestetskii, V. B. and Lifshitz, E. M. and Pitaevskii, L. P. Course of Theoretical Physics Volume 4 Quantum Electrodynamics
Pergamon Press
Bergelson, V. and March, P. and Rosenblatt, J. Convergence in Probability and Ergodic Theory 1996 de Gruyter
Berger, Marcel A Panoramic View of Riemannian Geometry 2003 Springer
Bergman, Stefan and Schiffer, Menahem Kernel Functions and Elliptic Differential Equations in Mathematical Physics 2005 Dover
Berkeley, George Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous 1979 Hackett
Berlekamp, Elwyn R. Algebraic Coding Theory Revised 2nd (1984) Edition 2015 World Scientific
Bernays, Paul Axiomatic Set Theory Second Edition 1991 Dover
Bers, Lipman and John, Fritz and Schecter, Martin Partial Differential Equations
American Mathematical Society
Bezuglyi, S. and Kolyada, S. Topics in Dynamics and Ergodic Theory 2003 Cambridge
Bharucha-Reid, A. T. Elements of the Theory of Markov Processes and Their Applications
Bhattacharya, Ananyo The Man From the Future The Visionary Life of John von Neumann 2021 Penguin Random House UK
Billingsley, Patrick Ergodic Theory and Information 1965 Wiley
Binney, James and Merrifield, Michael Galactic Astronomy
Princeton University Press
Bird, Kai and Sherwin, M. American Prometheus 2006 Random House
Birkhoff, Garrett Lattice Theory Third Edition 1995 AMS
Birkhoff, Garrett and Mac Lane, Saunders A Survey of Modern Algebra 1965 MacMillan
Birkhoff, Garrett and Rota, Gian-Carlo Ordinary Differential Equations Fourth Edition 1989 John Wiley and Sons
Birkhoff, George David Dynamical Systems 1927 (reprint) AMS
Bishop, David M. Group Theory and Chemistry 1993 Dover
Bishop, Errett and Cheng, Henry Constructive Measure Theory 1972 American Mathematical Society
Bishop, Richard and Crittenden, Richard Geometry of Manifolds
Academic Press
Bishop, Richard and Goldberg, Samuel Tensor Analysis on Manifolds
Bjorken, James and Drell, Sidney Relativistic Quantum Fields

Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
Black, Riley The Last Days of the Dinosaurs 2022 St. Martin s Press
Blair, D. Riemannian Geometry of Contact and Symplectic Manifolds 2002 Birkhauser
Blatt, John and Weisskopf, Victor Theoretical Nuclear Physics
Blatter, Christian Wavelets A Primer
A. K. Peters
Bliedtner, J. and Hansen, W. Potential Theory: An Analytic and Probabilistic Approach to Balayage
Blumenthal, R. and Getoor, R. Markov Processes and Potential Theory Dover 2007
Blyth, T. S. Lattices and Ordered Algebraic Structures 2005 Springer
Boas, R. A Primer of Real Functions 1981 MAA
Bochner, Solomon Harmonic Analysis and the Theory of Probability 2005 Dover
Bohm, Arno Quantum Mechanics Foundations and App[lications Third Edition 2001 Springer
Bohm, David Quantum Theory 1989 Dover

The Special Theory of Relativity 2010 Routledge

Wholeness and the Implicate Order 2007 Routledge
Bolander, Thomas and Hendricks, Vincent F. and Pederson, Stig Andur Self-Reference 2006 CSLI Publications Stanford University
Bollobas, Bela Littlewood s Miscellany 1997 Cambridge University Press

Modern Graph Theory 1998 Springer-Verlag
Bollobas, Bela and Riordan, Oliver Percolation 2006 Cambridge
Bolza, Oskar Lectures on the Calculus of Variations 2018 (1904) Dover
Bond, Victor and Allman, Mark Modern Astrodynamics
Princeton University Press
Boole, George An Investigation of the Laws of Thought 1958 Dover

The Mathematical Analysis of Logic 1998 Thoemmes Press
Boolos, George Logic, Logic and Logic 1999 Harvard University Press
Boolos, George and Burgess, John and Jeffrey, Richard Computability and Logic Fifth Edition 2007 Cambridge
Boothby, William M. An Introduction to Differentiable Manifolds and Riemannian Geometry Revised Second Edition 2003 Academic Press
Bott, R. and Tu, Loring Differential and Algebraic Topology 1982 Springer
Bourbaki, N. Algebra I Chapters 1-3 1989 Springer

Algebra II Chapters 4-7 1990 Springer

Commutative Algebra Chapters 1-7 1989 Springer

Functions of A real Variable 2000 Springer

General Topology Chapters 1-4 1989 Springer

General Topology Chapters 5-10 1989 Springer

Integration I Chapters 1-6 1967 Springer

Integration II Chapters 7-9 1969 Springer

Lie Groups and Lie Algebras Chapters 1-3 1989 Springer

Lie Groups and Lie Algebras Chapters 4-6 2002 Springer

Lie Groups and Lie Algebras Chapters 7-9 2005 Springer

Theory of Sets 1968 Springer

Topological Vector Spaces Chapters 1-5 1987 Springer
Bowen, Ray M. and Wang, C.-C. Introduction to Vectors and Tensors Volumes I and II 2007 Downloaded pdf
Bowler, M. G. Gravitation and Relativity
Pergamon Press
Boyce, William and DiPrima, Richard Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Proiblems
John Wiley
Boys, C. V. Soap Bubbles Their Colors and the Forces Which Mold Them 1959 Dover
Braess, Dietrich Finite Elements
Cambridge University Press
Braun, M. Differential Equations and their Applications 1993 Springer
Bredon, Glen E. Topology and Geometry 1993 Springer
Breiman, Leo Probability 1968 Addison-Wesley
Brelot, Marcel On Topologies and Boundaries in Potential Theory
Brezis, Haim Functional Analysis, Sobolev Spaces and Partial Differential Equations 2011 Springer
Bricmont, Jean Making Sense of Quantum Mechanics 2016 Springer
Bridges, Douglas and Richman, Fred Varieties of Constructive Mathematics 2001 Cambridge University Press
Bridges, Douglas and Vita, Luminita Techniques of Constructive Analysis 2006 Springer
Broman, Arne Introduction to Partial Differential Equations 1989 Dover
Bronowski, J. A Sense of the Future 1977 MIT Press

Science and Human Values (Revised) 1975 Harper

The Common Sernse of Science ? Vintage

The Identity of Man 1971 American Museum Science Books

The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination 1978 Yale University Press

The Visionary Eye 1978 MIT Press
Brown, James R. Ergodic Theory and Topological Dynamics

Brown, James W. and Churchill, Ruel Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems 2008 McGraw-Hill
Brown, Laurie and Dresden, Max and Hoddeson, Lillian Pions to Quarks
Cambridge University Press
Brown, Laurie and Hoddeson, Lillian The Birth of Particle Physics
Cambridge University Press
Brown, Robert F. A Topological Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis 2004 Birkhauser
Brown, Ronald Topology and Groupoids 2006 self published
Browne, Thomas and Patrides, C. A. Sir Thomas Browne The Major Works 1977 Penguin
Bruckner, A. M. and Bruckner, J. B. and Thomson, B. S. Real Analysis Second Edition 2008
Bryant, Victor Metric Spaces Iteration and Application 1985 Cambridge University Press
Bub, Jeffrey Interpreting the Quantum World
Cambridge University Press
Buck, Brian and Macaulay, Vincent Maximum Entropy in Action
Oxford University Press
Budak, B. M. and Samarskii, A. A. and Tikhonov, A. N. A Collection of Problems in Mathematical Physics
Buhler, O. A Brief Introduction to Classical, Statistical and Quantum Mechanics 2006 AMS
Burckel, Robert An Introduction to Classical Complex Analysis Volume I 1979 Academic Press
Burgess, Alexis and Burgess, John Truth 2011 Princeton
Burgess, John Philosophical Logic 2009 Princeton
Burgess, John and Rosen, Gideon A Subject With No Object Strategies For A Nominalistic Interpretation of Mathematics 1997 Oxford
Burk, Frank A Garden of Integrals 2007 MAA
Burke, William L. Applied Differential Geometry 1985 Cambridge University Press

Spacetime, Geometry, Cosmology 1980 University Science Books
Burton, David Elementary Number Theory 6th Edition 2007 McGraw-Hill
Busch, Paul and Grabowski, Marian and Lahti, Pekka Operational Quantum Physics 1995 Springer-Verlag
Busemann, Herbert The Geometry of Geodesics 2005 Dover
Byerly, W. Fourier s Series 1893 Dover
Cahn, Sidney and Nadgorny, Boris A Guide to Physics Problems Part 1 Mechanics, Relativity and Electrodynamics
Plenum Press
Cajori, Florian A History of Mathematics 1999 AMS Chelsea
Calinger, Ronald, (Editor) Classics of Mathematics
Prentice-Hall Inc.
Calkin, M. G. Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics 1996 World Scientific

Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics Solutions to the Exercises 1999 World Scientific
Callahan, James J. The Geometry of Spacetime An Introduction to Special and General Relativity 2000 Springer-Verlag
Campbell, S. L. and Meyer, Jr., C. D. Generalized Inverses of Linear Transformations 1991 Dover
Cannas da Silva, Ana Lectures on Symplectic Geometry (Corrected 2nd Printing) 2008 Springer-Verlag
Caratheodory, C. Algebraic Theory of Measure and Integration
Chelsea Publishing Company

Conformal Representation 1998 Dover
Cardano, G. Ars Magna or the Rules of Algebra 1968 Dover
Carmona, Rene and Rozovskii, Boris (Editors) Stochastic Partial Differential Equations: Six Perspectives 1999 American Mathematical Society
Carnap, Rudolf Introduction to Symbolic Logic
Carnap, Rudolf (Edited by Martin Gardner) An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science 1995 Dover
Carothers, N. L. A Short Course in Banach Space Theory 2005 Cambridge
Carrier, George and Pearson, Carl Partial Differential Equations Theory and Technique 1976 Academic Press
Carroll, Sean Spacetime and Geometry 2018 Pearson (Indian Edition)
Cartan, Elie Lecons Sur La Geometrie Des Espaces De Riemann 1928 Gauthier-Villars

Riemannian Geometry in an Orthogonal Frame 2001 World Scientific

The Theory of Spinors 1981 Dover
Cartan, Henri Differential Forms 2006 Dover

Elementary Theory of Analytic Functions of One or Several Variables 1995 Dover
Casacuberta, C. and Castellet, M. and Connes, Alain and Faltings, G. and Jones, V. and Novikov, S. and Smale, S. and Thom, R. and Yau, S.-T. Mathematical Research Today and Tomorrow Viewpoints of Seven Fields Medalists 1992 Springer-Verlag
Casella, George and Berger, Roger Statistical Inference Second Edition 2002 Wadsworth
Castell, L. and Drieschner, M. and von Weizsacker, C. F. Quantum Theory and the Structure of Time and Space 1975 Carl Hanser Verlag

Quantum Theory and the Structure of Time and Space Vol. II 1977 Carl Hanser Verlag
Centrone, Stefania and Kant, Deborah and Sarikaya, Deniz (Editors) Reflections on the Foundations of Mathematics Univalent Foundations, Set Theory and General Thoughts 2019 Springer
Chaitin, Gregory J. Exploring Randomness 2001 (2nd) Springer

The Limits of Mathematics 1998 Springer

The Unknowable 2000 Springer
Chandrasekhar, S. Newton s Principia for the Common Reader
Clarendon Oxford

The Mathematical Theory of Black Holes 1998 Oxford University Press
Chapra, Steven Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB Fourth Edition 2017 McGraw Hill
Charap, John Covariant Electrodynamics 2011 Johns Hopkins
Chari, Vyjayanthi and Pressley, Andrew A Guide to Quantum Groups 1994 Cambridge
Chaumont, Loic and Yor, Marc Exercises in Probability 2nd Edition 2012 Cambridge
Chavel, Isaac Riemannian Geometry: A Modern Introduction
Cambridge University Press
Chen, Han-Fu Recursive Estimation and Control for Stochastic Systems 1985 Wiley
Cheng, David and O Neill, Gerard K. Elementary Particle Physics
Cheng, Ta-Pei and Li, Ling-Fong Gauge Theory of Elementary Particles
Oxford University Press

Gauge Theory of Elementary Particles Problems and Solutions
Oxford University Press
Chern, S. S. and Chern, W. H. and Lam, K. S. Lectures on Differential Geometry 2000 World Scientific
Chernoff, Herman and Moses, Lincoln E. Elementary Decision Theory 1963 Wiley
Chester, Marvin Primer of Quantum Mechanics 2003 Dover
Chevelley, Claude Theory of Lie Groups 1970 Princeton University Press
Chihara, Charles S. A Structural Account of Mathematics 2007 Oxford

Constructibility and Mathematical Existence 1991 Clarendon Press
Chihara, Laura M. and Hesterberg, Tim C. Mathematical Statistics with Resampling and R 2nd Edition 2019 Wiley
Choi, Jinho Adaptive and Iterative Signal Processing in Communications 2006 Cambridge
Choquet-Bruhat Introduction to General Relativity, Black Holes and Cosmology 2015 Oxford
Choquet, Gustave Lectures on Analysis Volume I Integration and Topological Spaces 1969 W. A. Benjamin, Inc.

Lectures on Analysis Volume II Representation Theory 1969 W. A. Benjamin Inc.

Lectures on Analysis Volume III Infinite Dimensional Measures and Problem Solutions 1969 W. A. Benjamin Inc.
Choudhuri, Arnab Rai Astrophysics for Physicists 2011 Cambridge
Christakis, Nicholas A. Blueprint 2019 Little, Brown Spark
Chung, Kai Lai A Course in Probability Theory
Academic Press

Green, Brown, and Probability & Brownian Motion on the Line 2002 World Scientific

Lectures from Markov Processes to Brownian Motion

Lectures on Boundary Theory for Markov Chains 1970 Princeton
Church, A. Introduction to Mathematical Logic 1996 Princeton
Ciarlet, Philippe G. The Finite Element Method for Elliptic Problems 1978 North-Holland Publishing Co.
Ciesielski, Krzysztof Set Theory for the Working Mathematician
Cambridge University Press
Clarke, Samuel and Leibniz, Gottgried Wilhelm and Alexander, H. G. The Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence 1998 Manchester University Press
Coddington, Earl and Levinson, Norman Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations 1955 McGraw-Hill
Cohen, Paul J. Set Theory and the Continuum Hypothesis 2008 Dover
Cohn, Harvey Conformal Mapping on Riemann Surfaces
Coleman, Sidney Quantum Field Theory Lectures of Sidney Coleman 2019 World Scientific
Collet, Pierre and Eckman, Jean-Pierre Iterated Maps on the Interval as Dynamical Systems
Collier, Peter A Most Incomprehensible Thing Notes Towards a Very Gentle Introduction to the Mathematics of Relativity 2013 Incomprehensible Books
Connes, Alain Noncommutative Geometry 1994 Academic Press
Connes, Alain and Lichnerowicz, Andre and Schutzenberger, Marcel Triangle of Thought 2001 AMA
Connes, Alain and Marcolli, Matilde Noncommutative Geometry, Quantum Fields and Motives 2008 AMS
Conway, John B. A Course in Functional Analysis Second Edition 1990 (third corrected) Springer-Verlag

A Course in Operator Theory 2000 AMS

Functions of One Complex Variable

Functions of One Complex Variable II 1995 Springer-Verlag
Conway, John B. and Smith, Derek On Quaternions and Octonions 2003 A K Peters
Cook, Peter Nonlinear Dynamical Systems 1986 Prentice Hall
Cooke, Roger It s About Time Elementary Mathematical Aspects of Relativity 2017 AMS
Copernicus, N. and Hawking, S. On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres 2002 Running Press
Copson, E. T. Asymptotic Expansions 1971 Cambridge
Courant, Richard Dirichlet s Principle, Conformal Mapping, and Minimal Surfaces

Courant, Richard and Hilbert, David Methods of Mathematical Physics Volume I 1966 (7th) Interscience Publishers, Inc.

Methods of Mathematical Physics Volume II 1966 (Third) Interscience Publishers, Inc
Courant, Richard and John, Fritz Introduction to Calculus and Analysis Volume One 1965 Interscience

Introduction to Calculus and Analysis Volume Two 1974 Wiley-Interscience
Courant, Richard and Robbins, Herbert revised by Stewart, Ian What is Mathematics? 1996 Oxford
Cox, D. R. Principles of Statistical Inference 2006 Cambridge
Cox, D. R. and Donnelly, Christl Principles of Applied Statistics 2011 Cambridge
Cox, D. R. and Hinkley, D. V. Theoretical Statistics 1982 Chapman and Hall
Cox, Richard T. The Algebra of Probable Inference 1961 Johns Hopkins Press
Coxeter, H. S. M. Projective Geometry 2nd Edition 1987 Springer

Regular Polytopes 1973 Dover
Coxeter, H. S. M. and Greitzer, S. L. Geometry Revisited 1967 MAA
Cronin, J. and Greenberg, D. and Telegdi, V. University of Chicago Graduate Problems in Physics With Solutions
University of Chicago Press
Crosby, Alfred The Measure of Reality Quantification and Western Society 1250-1600 1997 Cambridge
Crosilla, Laura and Schuster, Peter From Sets and Types to Topology and Analysis Towards Practicable Foundations for Constructive Mathematics 2005 Clarendon Press
Curran, Andrew S. Diderot and the Art of Thinking Freely 2019 Other Press
Cutland, Nigel J. Computability An Introduction to Recursive Function Theory 1980 Cambridge

Loeb Measures in Practice: Recent Advances 2000 Springer
Cutland, Nigel J. and Di Nasso, Mauro and Ross, David A. Nonstandard Methods and Applications in Mathematics 2006 ASL, A K Peters Ltd.
D Souza, Dinesh Illiberal Education The Politics of Race and Sex on Campus 1991 The Free Press
Dale, Andrew I. Most Honourable Remembrance The Life and Work of Thomas Bayes 2003 Springer
Darling, R. W. R. Differential Forms and Connections
Cambridge University Press
Darwin, Charles The Origin of Species 2004 Castle Books
Das, Anadijiban The Special Theory of Relativity A Mathematical Exposition 1996 (corrected 2nd printing Springer-Verlag
Davies, E. B. Spectral Theory and Differential Operators 1996 Cambridge University Press
Davies, P. C. W. The Physics of Time Asymmetry 1977 University of California Press Berkeley and Las Angeles
Davis, Harold Introduction to Nonlinear Differential Equations 1962 Dover
Davis, Harry F. Introduction to Vector Analysis Second Edition 1972 Allyn and Bacon
Davis, Harry F. and Snider, A. D. Introduction to Vector Analysis Sixth Edition 1991 Wm. C. Brown
Davis, Martin D. Applied Nonstandard Analysis 2005 Dover

Computability and Unsolvability 1982 Dover

The Undecidable 2004 Dover

The Universal Computer 2000 Norton and Company
Davis, Martin D. and Weyuker, Elaine Computability, Complexity and Languages 1983 Academic Press
Davis, Sheldon Topology 2005 McGraw Hill
Dawkins, Richard The Greatest Show on Earth 2009 Free Press
de Groot, S. R. and Mazur, P. Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics 1984 Dover
de Oliveira, Cesar R. Intermediate Spectral Theory and Quantum Dynamics 2009 Birkhauser
de Souza, Paulo Ney, and Silva, Jorge-Nuno Berkeley Problems in Mathematics 2001 Springer
Dedekind, Richard Essays on the Theory of Numbers 1963 Dover
DeGroot, Morris Probability and Statistics
Deimling, Klaus Nonlinear Functional Analysis 2010 Dover
Deligne, Pierre et. al., (Editors) Quantum Fields and Strings: A Course For Mathematicians Vol. 1
American Mathematical Society

Quantum Fields and Strings: A Course For Mathematicians Vol. 2
American Mathematical Society
Descarte and Cottingham, John Meditations on First with Selections from Objections and Replies 2016 Cambridge
Descartes, R. Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy 1998 Hackett Publishing
Devlin, Keith Goodbye, Descartes 1997 John Wiley

The Joy of Sets (Second Edition) 1993 Springer-Verlag
Dickson, Leonard Eugene Linear Groups with an Exposition of the Galois Field Theory
Diener, F and Diener, M. Nonstandard Analysis in Practice 1995 Springer
Diestel, J. and Uhl, J. J. Jr. Vector Measures 1977 AMS
Dieudonne, Jean A History of Algebraic and Differential Topology 1900-1960 1989 Birkhauser

Foundations of Modern Analysis 1960 Academic Press
Dieudonne, Jean and Carrell, James Invariant Theory Old and New 1971 Academic Press
Diller, Antoni LATEX Line by Line 1999 John Wiley & Sons
Diogenes Laertius and Mensch, Pamela (trans.) Lives of the Eminent Philosophers 2018 Oxford
Dirac, Paul A. M. General Theory of Relativity
Princeton University Press

Lectures on Quantum Mechanics 2001 Dover

The Principles of Quantum Mechanics Fourth Edition 1987 Clarendon
Dixon, John Problems in Group Theory
Dold, Albrecht Lectures on Algebraic Topology 1972 Springer-Verlag
Doob, J. L. Classical Potential Theory and Its Probabilistic Counterpart

Measure Theory 1994 Springer
Doran, Chris and Lasenby, Anthony Geometric Algebra for Physicists 2003 Cambridge University Press
Dorst, L. and Doran, C. and Lasenby, J. Applications of Geometric Algebra in Computer Science and Engineering 2002 Birkhauser
Doxiadis, Apostolos and Papadimetriou, Christos Logicomix 2009 Bloomsbury
Doyle, Peter G. and Snell, J. Laurie Random Walks and Electric Networks 2000
Drexler, Eric Nanosystems
John Wiley
du Sautoy, Marcus The Music of the Primes 2004 Perennial
Dubins, Lester and Savage, Leonard Inequalities for Stochastic Processes 1976 Dover
Dudley, R. M. Real Analysis and Probability 2002 Cambridge
Dudley, Underwood Elementary Number Theory 2008 Dover
Duffy, Dean Advanced Engineering Mathematics with MATLAB Third Edition 2013 CRC Press
Dugas, Rene A History of Mechanics 1988 Dover
Dugundji, James Topology
Allyn and Bacon
Dunford, Nelson and Schwartz, Jacob Linear Operators Part I General Theory
John Wiley

Linear Operators Part II Spectral Theory
John Wiley

Linear Operators Part III Spectral Operators
John Wiley
Duren, Peter L. Theory of H^p Spaces 2000 Dover
Durrett, Richard Brownian Motion and Martingales in Analysis
Dynkin, E. B. Theory of Markov Processes 2006 Dover
Dyson, Freeman Advanced Quantum Mechanics 2007 World Scientific

From Eros to Gaia 1992 Pantheon

Symmetry Groups in Nuclear and Particle Physics 1966 Benjamin

Weapons and Hope 1984 Harper
Dyson, George Turing s Cathedral 2012 Vintage Books
Eaton, John and Bateman, David and Hauberg, Soren GNU Octave Version 3.0.1 Manual 2007 SoHoBooks
Ebbinghaus, H. D. and Hermes, H. and Hirzebruch, F. and Koecher, M. and Mainzer, K. and Neukirch, J. and Prestel, A. and Remmert, R. and Ewing, J. (Editor) and Orde, H.L.S. (Translator) and Lamotke, K. (Introduction) Numbers 1995 Springer
Eddington, Arthur Stanley Space, Time and Gravitation 1921 (reprint) Cambridge
Edelen, Dominic G. B. Applied Exterior Calculus 2005 Dover
Edelsbrunner, Herbert and Harer, John Computational Topology 2010 AMS
Edgar, Gerald A. Measure, Topology, and Fractal Geometry 1990 Springer-Verlag
Edwards, Harold M. Advanced Calculus: A Differential Forms Approach 1994 Birkhauser
Edwards, R. E. Functional Analysis 1995 Dover
Ehrenpreis, Leon Theory of Distributions for Locally Compact Spaces 1956 AMS
Eilenberg, Samuel and Steenrod, Norman Foundations of Algebraic Topology 1952 Princeton University Press
Einstein, Albert Investigations on the Theory of the Brownian Movement

Sidelights on Relativity 1983 Dover

The Meaning of Relativity
Princeton University Press
Einstein, Albert and Lorentz, H. A. and Weyl, Hermann and Minkowski, H. The Principles of Relativity 1923 Dover
Einstein, Albert and Penrose, Roger and Geroch, Robert Relativity The Special and General Theory 2005 Pi Press
Eisenbud, David Commutative Algebra with a View toward Algebraic Geometry 1999 Springer
Eisenbud, David and Harris, Joe The Geometry of Schemes 2001 Springer
Eisenhart, Luther Pfahler An Introduction to Differential Geometry 1959 Princeton University Press

Non-Riemannian Geometry 2005 Dover

Riemannian Geometry 1966 Princeton
Ellis, George and Williams, Ruth Flat and Curved Spacetimes
Oxford University Press
Ellis, Richard S. Entropy, Large Deviations, and Statistical Mechanics
Ellis, Robert Lectures on Topological Dynamics 1969 W. A. Benjamin, Inc.
Emery, Michel Stochastic Calculus in Manifolds
Enderton, Herbert B. An Introduction to Mathematical Logic 2001 Academic Press
Erdelyi, A. Asymptotic Expansions 1956 Dover
Erickson, Gary J. and Smith, C. Ray, (Editors) Maximum-Entropy and Bayesian Methods in Science and Engineering Volume I: Foundations
Kluwer Academic Publishing
Ethier, Stewart and Kurtz, Thomas Markov Processes
John Wiley
Euclid The Bones 2002 Green Lion
Euclid and Heath, Thomas Euclid The Thirteen Books of The Elements Vol. 1 1956 Dover

Euclid The Thirteen Books of The Elements Vol. 2 1956 Dover

Euclid The Thirteen Books of The Elements Vol. 3 1956 Dover
Evans, Griffith Conrad The Cambridge Colloquium 1916 Part I Functionals and Their Applications 1918 AMS
Evans, Lawrence and Gariepy, Ronald Measure Theory and Fine Properties of Functions 1992 CRC Press
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