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Welcome! Local time in Bellevue Washington is 01:23:40 and the date is 06/6/23. For those who need to target an ICBM, I spend a considerable amount of time near N=47.56° E=-122.13° and much of the rest near N=47.16° E=-120.94°. We are -8:00 in relation to GMT.

The various pages that comprise this site have been accessed 2306427 times since the counter was created in March 1998.

Currently I have an active interest in physics, rock and ice climbing, mathematics, horses and running mountain trails.

I am a supporter of The Planetary Society, various skeptical organizations such as the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and am a fan of science fiction, in its myriad forms.

I also pretend to study Spanish and guitar. We'll see.



.... The real contradiction of capitalism is that it arouses enormous ambition, but it doesn't help you define where you should focus it. It doesn't define an end to which you should devote your life. It nurtures the illusion that career and economic success can lead to fulfillment, which is the central illusion of our time.

Capitalism on its own breeds people who are vaguely aware that they are not living the spiritually richest life, who are ill-equipped to know how they might do so, who don't have the time to do so, and who, when they go off to find fulfillment, end up devoting themselves to scattershot causes and light religions.

To survive, capitalism needs to be embedded in a moral culture that sits in tension with it, and provides a scale of values based on moral and not monetary grounds. Capitalism, though, is voracious. The personal ambition it arouses is always threatening to blot out the counterculture it requires. ....

From David Brooks' NY Times Op-Ed piece "The Ambition Explosion."

The following items strike me as interesting, funny or valuable in some way. I will add or change content from time to time. Enjoy!

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