Colorado August 15-24, 2008

This was a very successful climbing trip, though there were bad omens from the rain gods in the first few days. Our intent was to do a bunch of climbs on the front range including Long's Peak, a pretty big mountain at 14,259 feet (though the reported elevation varies by 5 feet in older sources). We were afraid that we might have to settle for whatever was dry, and there was not much of that on the front range!

A big low pressure system was blasting up from the gulf and saturating the front range with torrents of rain and a couple of feet of snow at elevation!

After spending a rainy day at a KOA campground in Buena Vista, Dan Sola and I decided to drive to "dry" and headed to Colorado Monument in the southwest end of Colorado. Great climbing! And not too hot, either, as it usually is this time of year there.

We did some smaller climbs there and Independence Monument by Otto's Route. We then headed back to Boulder picking off (with gas-powered aid) the fourteen thousander Mt. Evans, in one sustained push with no bivouac, using the standard paved route. Weather on the front range was looking good.

In Boulder we climbed around on the First Flatiron (you can climb at low fifth class practically anywhere on the First) and then drove to Estes Park which both Dan and I found to be overpriced and a bit tacky. It also closes up (remember this is the middle of the tourist season for them) before midnight.

We hiked up to Chasm Lake at Long's Peak the evening of August 20th. The next day we summited, climbing through/near Kiener's Route (but more straight up from Broadway, low fifth class to just west of the summit.)

Arriving back at the car before midnight, we chose to sleep at the Estes Park Howard Johnson's, well worth the premium over the previous rather run-down over-priced motel we used in that town.

The next day we drove to Colorado Springs, taking a rest day. Saturday we climbed at Garden of the Gods, topping out on some of the cute little towers there.

For pics click the link below!

Pictures of the Colorado 2008 trip.

Some Comments From Dan.
Even MORE Comments from Dan: The Journal of Badlands Phenomena

Larry's Bad Climbing Dream
From Dan's Journal of Badlands Phenomena: Colorado Edition. Case Number 23c---Mile High Mystery
For more of Dan's YouTube efforts: jpipestone

Some Comments From Larry.

A few more pics.

Conversation overheard between two climbers, squatting around a hissing campstove, stirring grub, staring into a bubbling pan on a warm Colorado summer evening, late twilight:

First Climber   "You know, I think tomorrow I need to wash my underwear."

Second Climber, after a moments reflection.   "I think I'll wear mine one more day and then just burn 'em."

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