Welcome to the Mount Si Race2001 Page - the Third Annual Race up one of the the gorgeous Cascade foothills - known to some as "The Annual Beating of the Boy." In 2001 the race took place September 17.

The Runners
Ashley, Taylor, Dave, James and Larry

For those among you who follow the voting, the final count was 41 votes cast by those who thought Larry would beat Taylor, and 9 votes cast by those who believed in the power of extreme youth (Taylor) over hard work and guile (Larry). Three other runners participated and 9 votes were cast by those who felt that one of the new participants James W., David D. and Ashley R. would win.

There were a number of comments contributed on the comments page before the race. Though most of these are either incomprehensible or in bad taste, I have included them here in the interests of historical accuracy.

The times this year were very close to

Larry : 1:50:20

Ashley R. : 1:50:30

Dave D. : 1:53:35

James W. : 2:18:20

Taylor U. : 2:28:56

Here are some pictures created by Jenny!!

Here are some pictures using Larry's camera.

Dave D. took these.

There was quite a sprint at the finish, and a grueling strategic duel to the summit! Find below links to comments from some of the contestants.

Ashley Nothing Yet



Larry Nothing Yet

Taylor Nothing Yet

There was also a gamut of injuries ranging from abrasions, banged shins, rolled ankles, stubbed toes, a nasty-looking hematoma to a tooth-hole punched through a lip. These contributed to slow down some of the runners, who will doubtless come back for another steaming helping next year! Intrepid warriors all!

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