James' Commentary

My comments on the race:

A) Thoughts before the race: My strategy going into the race was provided by brother, and was brilliant to say the least. The object was to lull my opponents into a false sense of security by starting rumors that I was, in fact, not preparing for the race at all. I was hoping that my competitors would figure that the competition would not be severe, and would adopt the opinion that if I'm not training, why should they...?

How the ultimate plan backfired: Man is a lazy creature by instinct and, in general, we do little more than is truly necessary where ever effort is required. The plan was in fact so brilliant that I managed to fool myself into believing that my opponents were settling down for what they would think was an easy race. And if they weren't training, why should I...?

B) Thoughts at the start of the race: The first thing I noticed when I arrived that fateful Monday morning, was that Taylor's calves were as big as my torso... that was fairly disheartening...

I think I dwelled on that throughout most of the race.

C) Thoughts during the race: The Hay Stack at the end of the Mt. Si climb is the perfect punch-line to a sadistic joke.

D) My war wounds: I managed to escape the race relatively unscathed--my pride shouldering most of the beating. (I am still waiting on the loss of a blackened big-toe nail, however.)

E) The race aftermath: I have been forced to adopt a more rigorous training routine--I will see you next year!

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