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We have a second hand report relayed through his father from The Boy, who has absented himself (literally - the day after the race he left for Cheney WA) and remained incommunicado, no doubt licking his wounds, since then. Dana finally received a call (Oct. 26) and the message was:

I have been aerobic-training. My stamina is way up. I have dropped a lot of weight - down to 215 pounds now. And the training has just started. Tell that old man I'm gunna whup his ***.

We are SO pleased to hear from Taylor at last, and to find that he has found something positive to do with his time rather than the drunken revelry and girl-chasing practiced by many in his college-boy cohort. That familiar fighting spirit was not, evidently, broken by his latest problem at Mt. Si and he has decided to give it another go after two years of -well, humiliating - defeats. Good for you, Taylor! See you next summer! That old man will be waiting for you.

Submitted at 8:38 PM on 1/5/2001

Listen You old ****, this year I am going to clean the Mt. Si trail with that mop on top of your head. Oh and by the way, I dont chase girls I am chased BY girls. You see, thats what happens when your a strapping young college "boy" like my self, rather than an ancient, shrivled up professor like YOU! And speaking of, I hear you FINALLY got a girlfriend. What's it been? 20, 30 years? Enjoy it while it lasts, cause when I beat your A$$ down, she's gonna leave YOU for ME!!!! Got it? Good!

Taylor "King of the Mountain" Updegrove

(Oh my. One hardly knows where to begin. Please, young man ... don't they teach youngsters the virtue of grace in defeat these days? Or respect for women? Or the principles of English grammar? Or how, at the very least, to operate a spell checker? ed.)

Submitted at 11:33 PM on 6/18/2001

Judging by the results of past races, one would certainly have to believe that Larry holds the upper hand again this year. However, I have begun to hear strange utterings (whispers heard only in elite circles) of a new competitor--one who will charge up and down Mount Si with astonishing speed. Who is this bold new athlete? Is Larry's reign finally coming to an end?
(I too have heard some rumors ... the names James W., David D., Steve T. and Ashley R. have been heard, and the faint sound of winged feet pattering on the trail behind me in the clear mountain air haunts my dreams. Could one of these gentlemen represent the future of the Mt. Si race? Stay tuned. ed.)

Submitted at 1:15 PM on 7/24/2001
The Norwegian-Germanic tribe has selected their amazingly secret weapon to rip the race wide open this year - scattering runners helter skelter with wildly flailing poles and animal sounds ... he has a history of charging european hills with complete abandon, a giant grin (or grimace) pasted on his focused mug ...

... half monkey, part eagle, mostly German ...
Look out this year ... or next ... or one of these years ...

(More raving. I wonder what this means? The mind reels at the thought of the weird and doubtless illegal union that could produce a Norwegian-Germanic monkey eagle. Save us all. ed.)

Submitted at 7:35 AM on 8/15/2001
Deutschman is a'trainin' true,
... says he's gonna be comin' for you,
his legs are now at 2:02 ...
... methinks the winner 'be someone new!!!
(Say whut? ed.)

Submitted at 7:17 AM on 8/17/2001
I know one of the 'new' entrants...and he is soooo handsome...and I do believe that I read in a southern scientific journal that handsome plays a big part in winning. So y'all keep your eye on that handsome man as he whips past your butts...
(Oh... now I know who this refers to. It is a message from North Carolina in support of Dave D., an ageing but (if you squint and look at him from JUST the right angle) arguably handsome new contestant. How "handsome" and "part monkey" are combined in the mind of this young lady is a puzzle. All a matter of taste I guess ... ed.)

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